Installation view: 2016 Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HUN) Photo: Agnes Eva Molnar

The Album of the Family


The theme of ‘The Album of the Family’ series is the emphasis on the bonds of family, the innermost confidential unit, the significance of interdependence and the joy offered by these bonds.

The family is the basis of the private sphere and the basic unit of our society that offers multiple approaches. The work consists of still and motion pictures merged into a single unit dealing with the topic of family situations and relationships.

As a result of the minimalism in visual representation, the families stand on their own, torn out of the continuum of time and space, without social reference or environmental narrative. The exposure of a photograph and video recording per se are gestures of extraction, the exposition of a certain period of time. The abiding, memorable moments, either positive or negative, often remain in our mind as in-depth, slow-motion visual memories. The simplicity of the images and the gesture of slowing movements down - in case of the motion pictures - give the possibility of thorough observation of details, relations and reactions that we rarely have in real life.

The images are divided into two sections: the pictures of Unity do not record an identifiable family event, the majority of the situations are strictly staged by the artist with regard to the models. This sequence shows family relations and represents the family as a community of equal individuals. The pictures of Remembrance comprise of intimate events that are recorded and preserved by human memory; the seemingly banal, everyday scenes are mixed with important moments.

The fact that in the era of post-photography, motion pictures have also become part of family archives, underlie the choice of the works’ media; nevertheless these videos are not pure motion pictures, but are considered transition between still and motion pictures. Focusing on the inner relations and the unity of the family, the two units of images define the idea of family, documenting its events and presenting them in the form of an album.