Profane Holiness

The title refers to the working method I used. At first I made snapshots about average people during ordinary activities. These images have profane subject, scenes what could we see every day everywhere. The images were printed on T-Shirts which I was wearing during the shootings. The subject of the scenes I shot in studio came from the scene of the T-Shirts. I used „sacred” for a wide range of phenomena, it may refer to transcendency or biblical stories. Some of the images are paraphrases, remakes of paintings, some lives in our collective consciousness.
One hand a series is about the difference between the average, the Profane and the sacred, the Holy which is extraordinary, something what we miss from our life. On the other hand it is a series about female roles, ideals and destiny, I turned almost all the models into a female one, thus these traditionally female roles obtain slightly new features.